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what makes us unique

theDock Victoria is a social enterprise that fosters collaboration and innovation between segments in our community and beyond. At its heart it is a co-working space with members curated across sectors, that share an interest in social good. We foster informal connection, hosting events and making connections, with the aim of increasing the impact of our members through more efficient connection.

We offer more than just a desk. We offer a curated space full of like-minded community-builders, looking to collaborate and share expertise to enable each other’s projects and address community needs. We actively seek out groups and individuals from across sectors, and do our best to avoid collecting a group from any one paradigm. In short - our membership makes us unique, and the interactions they have are the fruit.


  theory of change 

We are employing a theory of change developed by the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, along with aspects from Social Venture Network, mixed with on-the-ground knowledge from our members’ experiences in our community.

We begin by opening a physical space for members of our community, and from outside communities, to come to work and meet on a regular basis. The space is bright and positive with systems and spaces not be available to smaller sized organizations. The physical space is our anchor, our place in the world from where we launch, a recognized address for groups; leaving their bedroom and basement offices, for a boardroom table.

Then, we fill this space with incredible members from across sectors; placing them shoulder to shoulder in a shared space. We curate these members to achieve a diversity of voices that brings new connections, and new ideas from outside traditional sectoral paradigms as they bump into each other on a daily basis - build friendships and bonds of trust. We include nonprofits, charities, for-profits, entrepreneurs and activists working in areas from health and education to arts and environment. When ages, genders, issues or cultures feel lacking we do our best to include them by offering sponsored desks that support inclusion.

Finally, we play. We animate the space with informal events and semi-guided conversations that expose where our groups, and our community, is struggling, and where we have great skills and assets. These subtle interventions along with access to workshops and courses will form opportunities for collaboration that are not imposed, but gently exposed. This work will be ongoing, and largely undirected, springing up when needs arise.


  vision & beliefs

Our vision is more collaboration, more impact. We are a home for community builders, social entrepreneurs, creatives and engaged people; a platform for groups to experiment, blend sectors, and discover innovations to manifest a more caring, resilient, and abundant future. We believe:

  •  We collectively possess the means to overcome our greatest challenges.
  •  Honest relationships are crucial to meaningful collaboration, and social change.   
  •  A sharing, cooperative, resilient economy is viable and pragmatic.
  •  Diversity is critical to good decisions.
  •  A living wage, affordable housing, and health care access are basic rights.
  •  Income inequality is growing and this matters.
  •  Homelessness is not acceptable.
  •  Climate change and ecological degradation is kind of a big deal.
  •  Inclusion of First Nations Peoples' cultures and traditional wisdom must be  recognized as a primary indicator of community health.



theDock is a shareholder corporation. In June of 2015, members that were mooring at theDock were offered the opportunity to purchase shares. In true social enterprise fashion, investments were made in the spirit of community: all profits are reinvested in theDock in order to expand services to our members and the communities they serve. There are currently 5 shareholders:

Eric Blueschke, Kim Hardy, Dan Pollock, Lee Sentes, and Kerri Klein.


  from our members